The brand for 100% antibiotic free produced pork from Switzerland

The combination of unique positive factors in Switzerland, which can hardly be found elsewhere

allow us to feed our animals completely without using antibiotics .


Thanks to our know-how and feeding management using utro Fikovit feeds, our animals always get what they need and thererfore do not get sick.


All employees on our farms are very well trained and know that they need to watch the animals carefully in order to understand their needs.

Greatest health status world wide

Pig breeding in Switzerland enjoys one of the highest health standards in the world. We don't have any swine plagues here. Upcoming diseases have their causes simply in feeding and management mistakes.

Regulation in farm size

Our farm sizes are regulated with limitations on the maximum number of pigs held in one farm. This makes the germ pressure manageable.

Property relationships

One of the main advantages in Swiss pig breeding are the unique property relationships. In about 95% of the farms the owner is at the same time the manager. Since it is his own property he deals with his animals, the stable facility, the know-how and the feeds in a more conscious way than a foreign worker would probably do.

About Porco Sano

Porco Sano is a brand owned by the feed producer utro Fikovit AG from Switzerland and was established following a long process in research and development. It is the result of our experience accrued from actively advising farmers, visiting their farms and supporting them on pig treatment, from feed provisions through to overal animal management and welfare.

The brand «Porco Sano» stands for 100% antibiotic-free produced pork- we garantee that no antibiotics have been used during rearing and fattening the pigs.

Achieving a «Porco Sano» producer and supplier standard, a minimum of 12 months of collaboration and monitoring is required whereas pig farms work extensively with our experts and optimise their processes. The processes are mainly focusing on feeding and a specific set of rigorous standards are put in place from the actual type of feeds, feeding patterns and close monitoring through to animal welfare, standards on living space and quality of living conditions.


What is it exactly that makes Porco Sano so extraordinary?



Achieving a 100% antibiotic-free standard is a very difficult process for farmed animals. Porco Sano is extraordinary, as it has achieved this standard over a very long time of research and development, trial-and-error. This is a company that focuses exclusively on the quality of its products rather than quantity, as is the norm in commercial farming. Our process involves intervention from the sows; the feeding patterns indeed start with the sows, which are being fed during gestation, based on a feed-curve that meets their needs perfectly. In this manner, the piglets can enter a firm-feed eating pattern without major weight losses, as is the case when firm-food is introduced without antibiotics. All of these processes have evolved over several years of testing and setbacks and today we can proudly state that our animals are antibiotic-free from the very day of their life.