Manufactured in Switzerland - the brand for 100% antibiotic free produced pork

A combination of unique positive factors in Switzerland, which are seldom found elsewhere,

allow us to feed our animals without the need to prescribe and use antibiotics.


Thanks to our knowledge and utro Fikovit feeding management system, our animals receive the necessary nutrition to significantly reduce the risk of infection and disease.


All employees on our farms are very highly trained and monitor the animals in order to assess and oversee their needs.

Greatest health status world wide

Pig breeding in Switzerland enjoys one of the highest health standards in the world. Swine plagues are virtually non-existent with potential diseases only being caused by incorrect feeding and management errors.

Regulation of farm size

Our farms have limitations on the maximum number of pigs held on them. This makes the presence of germs levels and disease control more manageable and treatable.

Property    ownerships

One of the main advantages in Swiss pig breeding are the exclusive  property ownerships. In the majority of farms, the owner is also the manager. As a property owner he cares for his animals, and the pig enclosures whilst applying the expertise of feed management in a more focused way than a standard employee would probably do.

About Porco Sano


Porco Sano is a brand owned by the animal feed manufacturer utro Fikovit AG from Switzerland and was established in 2018 following a long process in research and development. It is the result of our wide and significant experience in advising farmers, visiting their farms and providing support about pig rearing, feed provisions, animal husbandry and welfare.

The brand «Porco Sano» stands for complete antibiotic free produced pork. We guarantee that no antibiotics have been used during the rearing and weight gain of pigs.

Achieving a «Porco Sano» producer and supplier standard, requires a minimum of 12 months of collaboration and monitoring. During this period pig farms work extensively with our experts to optimise their processes. These focus mainly on feeding. A specific set of rigorous standards are introduced including the actual type of feeds, feeding patterns, and close monitoring to ensure the required level of animal welfare. This includes the standards and quality of living conditions.





We offer a personalized approach supporting our pig producers to make the best nurtritional decisions with our responsible feed solutions based on their individual needs and ambitions.